High Level | Who Am I | The Minute

Who Am I - Overview Good Morning, my name is Carlton Matthews and this is the Minute. 60 seconds, something interesting... Just enough to get you »

Create, Create, Create...

"No matter what, everyday you need to create something." That was the goal that I had given myself last year. I had never consistently written ever »

Consistently Done is Consistently Won | New Beginnings

An important part of any lasting change is a culture of consistency.  You have to be committed to executing everyday.  This means that whatever you are »

Be Easy on Yourself | New Beginnings

Now that we are a few days into this discussion on New beginnings I want to talk about one of the early pitfalls.  It is a »

Start | New Beginnings

Another theme that comes up in conversation is timing. We are always looking for a perfect moment. We want to strike at just the right time »

Darkness | New Beginnings

Darkness comes in the beginning. This is how I know that something new is coming. It rarely comes in the light. I have recognized this same »