Start | New Beginnings

Another theme that comes up in conversation is timing. We are always looking for a perfect moment. We want to strike at just the right time. We wait, and wait and wait until finally... nothing.

  • We'll start that new diet on Jan 1
  • Kick off that new habit on Monday
  • Implement the new process next quarter

Honestly this search for the perfect moment is stifling. It quenches the fires of productivity and keeps us from moving forward. It is also based on an incorrect assumption. We feel that if we do strike at the right moment we'll hit a home run. This is wrong and will leave you frustrated. If you want to find success and implement that new habit the most important thing you can do is Start Now.

Not tomorrow
Not Monday
Nor for the New Year

Do It Now!

What can you do right now that will get you one step closer?

  • If you've got something in mind, DO IT NOW
  • If not then your task is to determine the next step and DO IT NOW

Either way get started now

Here are three videos that tackling this very issue.

Roberto Blake


Dr. Eric Thomas