On Risk

I found this today and felt it needed to be shared. Emphasis is mine. "To Risk" by William Arthur Ward To laugh is to risk appearing »

Vibing on Podcasts

On our latest podcast episode, Deidre and I learned a new word, Vibing. We were introduced to this word by the Pass The Mic podcast hosts »

Echos in Marriage

The Life in the Clouds Podcast had their first live event last weekend. We spoke to Renovate Life Church, our home church, closing out the series »

Crooked Sticks

Every February I will be posting. A Quote that I heard today jumped out and hit me in the head. I hope it resonates with you »

I Am. Therefore It Is

Everyday in February I will be posting something Man moving is messing up my plans. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate Dr. Eric Thomas »

Sketches |Year of Doing

Everyday in February I will be posting something... In an effort to keep this going here are 2 sketches that I created on my iPad using »