I Am A Nerd | Episode 2:9 | The Minute

Good Morning, my name is Carlton Matthews and this is the Minute. 60 seconds, something interesting... Just enough to get you started. As we slide into »

God's Man | What I Read in 2012

So this is what I read in 2012. For some reason my reading went into overdrive this year. Where I am usually reading through, on average »

Off Topic | Continuity Issues...

Want your mind blown. A hilarious view of how TV would be impacted if it followed the same continuity rules as comic books. This is completely »

The Pampered Chef Grill Man Edition...

I would like to introduce you to one of my good friends.  Her name is Jolene and she is an amazing Pampered Chef Representative.  »

Jump | Find Inspiration...

I found this series inspiring when I was trying to make it through multiple projects outside of my 9-5 job.  The Gatekeepers are Gone is »

Free Friday | Speak With Authority

Do you Speak with Authority? Today I am going to post some videos that I have enjoyed this week. »