5 Minute Drill | The Connection...

I love how my minds moves when I do these drills. This one is a bit off topic but it captures something that I have been »

Off Topic | Continuity Issues...

Want your mind blown. A hilarious view of how TV would be impacted if it followed the same continuity rules as comic books. This is completely »

Makers | Hipster Christianity

We are the head and not the tail. -God's Man »

The Pampered Chef Grill Man Edition...

I would like to introduce you to one of my good friends.  Her name is Jolene and she is an amazing Pampered Chef Representative.  »

Free Fridays | Old Memories

I loved Mr. Rogers' neighborhood growing up. This video has warmed me up this week.   This was a fun one too. Enjoy your weekend God's »

Jump | Into Summer Vacation?

What a start to summer vacation.  P.Mighty, P.Mini, and I started the first day of vacation at the doctor's office.  Even not feeling good »