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Dad Life

I don't like Tuesdays but we push through any way. #dadlife A photo posted by Carlton Matthews (@matthewscarlton) on Feb 7, 2017 at 4 »

Thoughts on Marketing, Tribes, Social Media...

I am still cleaning off the sticky notes on my computer's desktop.  I use different tools for long term and short term notes.  For long term »

30 Days | What I Wore Today pt II...

So there you have it.  Me as a wrinkled mess at the end of the workday September 13, 2010. »

30 Days | My Week...

This is going to be an interesting week for me.  I am coping with 2 different types of loss and the return of 1 very exciting »

30 Days | My Bag

My Laptop Bag holds 1 Dell pp18-l laptop (Work Laptop) 1 Apple Powerbook g4 (Play Laptop) 2 notepads Work and Play 2 Pull-ups for »