Thoughts on Marketing, Tribes, Social Media...

I am still cleaning off the sticky notes on my computer's desktop.  I use different tools for long term and short term notes.  For long term planning notes I use evernote .  For notes that I need to take action on I use desktop sticky notes.  They are annoying and clutter my desktop, which I hate, making me do something with them.  Anyway, enough of this attempt to #showYourWork on to today's note.

I was having a discussion with an online friend about a business that he had gotten involved with over the summer.  I was once involved in a network marketing and since his new business was affiliate marketing he was asking our group for marketing advice.  Here is what I sent to him:

Things to Avoid

Self-limiting Beliefs

This is the thing that kills folks early on in their business.  We doubt that we can be successful in our new endeavor.  I know that there is the new business excitement.  Especially in network marketing situations because of opportunity meetings and conference calls.  While they are good for motivation they don't often encourage the internal work that we have lived under as 9to5'ers.  

Things that keep us in jobs for a long time is comfort, inertia, and fear.  We are used to what we have been doing and are most likely good at it. Changing means being vulnerable and we have been trained to not make mistakes.  You have to be ready to do something new and possibly stink at first.  When we are afraid of having to climb a new ladder we avoid taking the necessary steps.  We have to stop avoiding the difficult work, learn the fundamentals of the business and practice.

Next we need to track the right things.  Know what the effective measures are in your business.  I remember our 8-5-3-1 approach.  The specifics of that don't matter but knowing your numbers are important.  


The last thing to avoid is selfishly interrupting peoples lives with your business.  That doesn't mean you don't share your opportunity but you need to consider your approach.  Consider the person more important than you pitch.  If you lead with your pitch you will seem callous, uncaring and ultimately push someone away.

Community, Tribes and Mastering the Long Cut

If you want to build you business you need to have a tribe.  People who are with you in your business.  They might be directly affiliated with you or are people who know you that will bring opportunities.  When you are new you wonder *how do you build a tribe from scratch?  *

Is it really from Scratch?

I don't think that you will need to build a tribe from scratch.  There are tribes that you are already in that you need work within.  They can lead you to new tribes.  

Finding a new tribe

  1. What does your opportunity provide people?
  2. What is the smallest group you can support

Identify a Need

  1. What does this tribe need?
  2. How does my opportunity help?
  3. How can I serve?

Serve Them

  1. Take small steps everyday.
  2. Give people something they can take action on.

I hope this helps you.  As always I am available to answer questions in the comments or on my socials.