God's Man | What I Read in 2012

So this is what I read in 2012. For some reason my reading went into overdrive this year. Where I am usually reading through, on average, about 3 books per month I often found at least 5 going at a time this year. Instead being incredibly fractured I found the differences in genre, style and subject matter flowed nicely. I included 2 bonus graphic novels that for some reason I devoured at a library in Houston while on vacation. My rule states that I can add a book to this list once I have consumed more than 75% of it. For most of these i read the entire thing. I was finally able to add #17 which is a 5 volume set this year. They are in no real order however the first 4 stick out in my mind the most. #2 is the one that I continue to go back to each month. I read #11 with my beautiful bride.

  1. Decline of African American Theology - Thabiti A.
  2. The Faithful Preacher - Thabiti A.
  3. Pastor - Eugene Petersen
  4. The Explict Gospel - Matt Chandler
  5. Legend of Zelda and Theology
  6. The Art of Neighboring - Dave Runyon, Jay Patnak
  7. The 4-hour Body - Tim Ferris
  8. The 4-hour Chef - Tim Ferris
  9. Think and Grow Rich - Napolean Hill
  10. Don't Waste Your Life - John Piper
  11. The Meaning of Marriage - Tim Keller
  12. Decision Making and the Will of God - Gary Friesen
  13. The Art of War - Sun Tzu
  14. The Yellow Submarine - Beatles
  15. Going Public - David and Kelli Pritchard
  16. The Hobbit - J. R. Tolkien
  17. Thru The Bible - J. Vernon McGee
  18. How Christians Should Relate to Government - Wayne Grudem
  19. The Essays of Francis Bacon - Francis Bacon
  20. The Selected Works of Jonathan Edwards - Jonathan Edwards
  21. Family Worship - Joel Beeke
  22. How To Be Black - Baratunde Thurston
  23. Brothers, We Are Not Professionals - John Piper
  24. Never Walk Away - Crawford Loritts
  25. Excellence - Andreas Kostenberger
  26. The Holiness of God - R.C. Sproul
  27. Westminster Shorter Catechism
  28. This Momentary Marriage - John Piper
  29. Bloodlines - John Piper
  30. What He Must Be If He Wants To Marry My Daughter - Voddie Bachman
  31. Why Men Hate Going To Church - David Murrow
  32. Church Diversity - Scott Williams
  33. APE: How To Publish A Book - Guy Kawasaki34. Good News of Great Joy - John Piper
  34. The Magician's Nephew - C. S. Lewis
  35. Stop Stealing Dreams - Seth Godin
  36. The Republic - Plato
  37. Tribes - Seth Godin
  38. The Power of Story
  39. 31 Days to Building a Better Blog - Darren Rowse
  40. Mere Christianity - C.S. Lewis
  41. Screwtape Letters - C.S. Lewis
  42. DC - Trinity
  43. Marvel 1602 Happy 2012


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