Year 41 Goals Post

Time for the rubber to meet the road. After finishing up my retrospective yesterday I shared my Big 3 goals for year 41. Lose 50 pounds »

Another Year In Review

So every year I attempt to review my previous year during the 1st 12 days of June. I celebrate on the 13th and then for the »

Fight Through and Start Anyway

This is an excerpt from The War of Art by Steven Pressfield that illustrates what I have been saying to friends and family alike. You have »


One of my favorite sayings is that "Self-Awareness is my Superpower". Know thyself and what not. Today's Marriage Minute is a challenge to get to know »

Writing to You |Sermon

Carlton B. Matthews / General God: Grace; Faith / Ephesians 2 Location: Ebenezer Faith and Grace Tabernacle I'm Writing to You Ephesians was written by the Apostle Paul »

Embrace Change

So I asked my bride to give me a topic to speak about and she said I should go with what we know... Change. So today's »