Darkness | New Beginnings

Darkness comes in the beginning. This is how I know that something new is coming. It rarely comes in the light. I have recognized this same phenomenon in my children, especially my 16 month old. This is probably due to him having a very regimented schedule. Everyday he has a sense of what will happen and is very comfortable in that rythym. However, right before he begins doing something new he gets very irritable. As if birthing the new technique is too much.

I think I am suffering from new baby brain now so I am short cutting this train of thought

The same thing happens with me. Now it is not as dramatic as it is for little me but I recognize that change is coming. I get inside my own head which can be very disruptive to my family. ;-)

While I might be able to push it off and hold it back, eventually the Change Gone Come

So what does that mean? As I mention frequently in The Minute you have to plan/prepare for change. It is inevitable. You cannot hold it back for very long. There really is no stopping it. Like with our new baby it is going to arrive, causing a big splash changing the landscape.

The question is, will you be ready when the change comes?