Darkness | New Beginnings

Darkness comes in the beginning. This is how I know that something new is coming. It rarely comes in the light. I have recognized this same »

Fight Through and Start Anyway

This is an excerpt from The War of Art by Steven Pressfield that illustrates what I have been saying to friends and family alike. You have »

On Introspection...

I ran across this article today, If Adults Won’t Grow Up, Nobody Will by Peggy Noonan. While the article references Harvey Weinstein, Mark Zuckerburg, Lara »

On Being Grateful

"Well at least you are paying your bills." - Well Meaning Coworker Contracting is a weird business. Especially in my current industry. Everyone lives and dies »

1000 True Fans

I was listening to an episode of the Insanity Check Podcast from the MTR Network. On the episode the host Kriss was joined by Rodimus Prime »

February Declaration | Year Of Doing

For the month of February I will be creating and posting something daily. Today there is this post and the release of our latest podcast episode »