Happy Birthday

Hey friends, today is my birthday. To celebrate I wanted to let you know that you can do it! don't worry Get Started don't worry Make »

Year 41 Goals Post

Time for the rubber to meet the road. After finishing up my retrospective yesterday I shared my Big 3 goals for year 41. Lose 50 pounds »

Crooked Sticks

Every February I will be posting. A Quote that I heard today jumped out and hit me in the head. I hope it resonates with you »

I Am. Therefore It Is

Everyday in February I will be posting something Man moving is messing up my plans. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate Dr. Eric Thomas »

Sketches |Year of Doing

Everyday in February I will be posting something... In an effort to keep this going here are 2 sketches that I created on my iPad using »

Getting Back On Track | Year of Doing

Every day in February I will be posting something! So about the February declaration… According to my log I am four days behind. I'd like to »