Create, Create, Create...

"No matter what, everyday you need to create something."

That was the goal that I had given myself last year. I had never consistently written ever. Outside of NaNaWriMo's craziness I had never taken on such a challenge before. So there I was, committed to writing something everyday. It was the first time that I had ever done a 30 day trial.

I was teaching at the time and life was "super busy". As an aside, that Carlton had NO IDEA what it meant to be busy. I cranked out words everyday. I posted those gems along with a silly number of cat pictures. I had several posts that didn't hit until 11:59pm but I refused to give up.

"Create Something Awesome Today" - Roberto Blake

Mr. Blake tells his audience the qbove quite every video. In order to grow our audience we have to have something to show. Whether it is written words like this, audio, or video you need to be putting yourself out to be discovered. Garyvee says to document not create. This means to documetn your process. It is hard to consistenly crank out creative works. However if you are documenting the process of creating.

Not only des it help you to create more content it also gives your audience insight into who you are. Being transparent with your audience is beneficial to community growth. You also need to post your creative works as well but this essentially doubles your content.

  • Create things your audience wants to see
  • Create things that excite you
  • Create things that are complete nonsence

Whatever you do, keep creating.

Your content is the funnel that your audience comes through. Whether they enjoy your content, your nonsence or your process, keep them engaged. Fresh content will keep them coming back.

What will you creat today?

Tomorrow we will talk about connecting with your audience.