On Being Grateful

"Well at least you are paying your bills." - Well Meaning Coworker Contracting is a weird business. Especially in my current industry. Everyone lives and dies »

Staying the Course | Year of Doing

Everyday this February I will be creating! So my bride and I are both sick. That makes for an interesting time with our expanded family. With »

The Highlight Reel | Year Of Doing

Don't judge your life by someone else's highlight reel. I love living in the future. I mean I named this blog Living in the Future because »

On Consistency

Consistency is one of the keys to success. If this is as true as we believe what are you consistently doing every day? Does that thing »

Self Awareness

Image Credit: Marvel Database One of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself is the ability to self assess. Can you take an honest look »

On Prayer

In the rhythm our our church life the first full week of the year marked the beginning of a period of fasting and prayer. For us »