Anniversay Visit...

We had a wonderful gift for our 16 wedding anniversary. Our amazing goddaughter and her awesome husband came to visit with us. It is always great »

Husband/Wife Differences...

Here is the difference between my wife and I illustrated. »

Let's Talk | Marriage Minute

I decided to do something different today. We are struggling to make time for our longer episode so I decided to record something short to keep »

On Introspection...

I ran across this article today, If Adults Won’t Grow Up, Nobody Will by Peggy Noonan. While the article references Harvey Weinstein, Mark Zuckerburg, Lara »

Small Batch Cookies | #dadlife

Putting this here for my daughters who are always making dozens of cookies. These recipes will make less than a dozen and will help me not »

Articles of Interest for 28 March

Two articles that jumped out at me today. Both brought up memories from my childhood. Lets get the links out of the way. Utah’s ‘free-range »