On Prayer

In the rhythm our our church life the first full week of the year marked the beginning of a period of fasting and prayer. For us »

When to Move On

Image Credit: Turtle Photography Nothing good comes from impatiently jumping from one approach to another, one grand scheme replaced by another. But persistently sticking with a »

1000 True Fans

I was listening to an episode of the Insanity Check Podcast from the MTR Network. On the episode the host Kriss was joined by Rodimus Prime »

February Declaration | Year Of Doing

For the month of February I will be creating and posting something daily. Today there is this post and the release of our latest podcast episode »

January Update | Year of Doing

So here we are on the last day of January 2018. As I mentioned in my Year of Doing post, I was jumping out beyond my »

January Focus Week

Plans for 2018 Back in the early days in my ministry I implemented focus weeks. This was a 7 day period where I would fast, pray »