Phenomenal Woman

My wife and I just got back from our anniversary cruise. She is a phenomenal woman. Phenomenal Woman By Maya Angelou Pretty women wonder where my »

On Creativity...

Dear Future Me, Take a listen to these thoughts on creativity from John Cleese of Monty Python fame. Here are my thoughts today. I hope we »

Dear Future Me

I got this image in my inbox today and got a chuckle out of it as I do with most XKCD comics. I came back to »

Data Mining Exercise 1

Continuing in the #ShowYourWork effort as I move into my summer semester class on Data Mining. Here are the questions that I had to answer for »

Berkshire Hathaway Quantitive Text Analysis

In my continuing effort to #showYourWork here is my final project for my Data Management and Visualizations course. Hopefully this doesn't trigger a plagerism record since »

My Quantified Self

I am currently in the 9th week of my Data Management and Visualization class at University of Maryland University College. For this assignment I needed to »