30 Day Trial | Introduction

In the spirit of 60 second decisions I have decided to revive one of my time honored traditions, the 30 Day Trial. Read through the description »

Take Care of Yourself...

You have the right to do all of that! 👆🏾Borrowed from @neffiwalker 🙌🏾 #selfcare A post shared by ester lou (@ester_lou) on Apr 17, 2017 at »

Timeline Thoughts

Do we know their struggle The reason they fight Or do we just spend our time Trying to prove that we're right If we believe that »

Words of Comfort - Harold Wells

I had the honor to speak at the funeral for my cousin Harold Wells. Here are the remarks that I gave to my family. This has »

Dad Life

I don't like Tuesdays but we push through any way. #dadlife A photo posted by Carlton Matthews (@matthewscarlton) on Feb 7, 2017 at 4 »

You Matter

"I have always felt that the works of the famous British New Testament scholar, F. F. Bruce, are unnecessarily dry. In reading his memoirs, In Retrospect »