Jump | King Me...

Have you ever played checkers? I remember playing this game when I was a kid. It was fun especially that moment when you reach the other »

Jump | Are You Rooted...

As you wind down on this Saturday remember that no matter what season you are in God has given you a focus, a hope, and a »

Free Fridays | Old Memories

I loved Mr. Rogers' neighborhood growing up. This video has warmed me up this week.   This was a fun one too. Enjoy your weekend God's »

Jump | Know God

I want everyone I meet to know God. This has not always been the most fun experience, however it has by far been the most rewarding »

Jump | Find Inspiration...

I found this series inspiring when I was trying to make it through multiple projects outside of my 9-5 job.  The Gatekeepers are Gone is »

God's Man | Jump In

*  * Welcome to June I am participating in National Blog Posting Month which is now hosted over at BlogHer .  The theme for this month is »