Worshipful Words | Psalm 8:3-4

Some Sundays are easier than others to get into the spirit of worship. The cold of winter contrasted against the warmth of my bed makes mornings »

God's Man | I Am Not Fine...

My bride and I were talking tonight about all the moving parts in our life right now and how we are really not fine.  We »

God's Man | Are You Thirsty?

Photo Credit to New Old Stock PhotosHere is another in my visual devotional series.How much do you want God? David says in Psalm 42 that »

Jump | Are You Rooted...

As you wind down on this Saturday remember that no matter what season you are in God has given you a focus, a hope, and a »

God's Man | Maryland Marriage Alliance Prayer

Tonight I will be praying for Unity in the body of Christ.  The insitution of marriage is something that touches all facets of society.  It reaches »

God's Man | Her Race Is Over - Conclusion

Irene Butler HebronJanuary 5, 1927 - February 23, 2012 We discussed how not only is God everywhere but he is with us in the moment.  »