Berkshire Hathaway Quantitive Text Analysis

In my continuing effort to #showYourWork here is my final project for my Data Management and Visualizations course. Hopefully this doesn't trigger a plagerism record since »

My Quantified Self

I am currently in the 9th week of my Data Management and Visualization class at University of Maryland University College. For this assignment I needed to »

Flat File vs Relational Database System Assignment

My latest assignment for my Data Visualizations class give me this case, "You have some concerns about moving your entire airline operations out of SQL to »

What I Am Listening To This Morning...

So after watching the Super Bowl last night and staying up way to late with my bride doing our school work I am dragging this morning »

Back in the Saddle Again - JavaScript Edition

Enter JavaScript I am working through the javascript lessons over at Free Code Camp. Towards the end of last year they added a bunch of new »

This I Believe - Professional Version

I have shared this in other places on social media but I figured I might as well state it here as well. I am back in »