30 Day Trial | Day 18

Welcome to Day 18 - Choose to be Happy Today I want to talk about being happy. Happiness is one of those desires that people have »

Fortune Cookie...

I ate lunch at Joey Chiu's Resturant today. I thought the food was excellent and the restaurant was very nice inside. At the end of the »

Will you pray for me?

My wife asked me to pray for her the other night and I could not find the words to express out loud and so I focused »


Today I was totally lost.  I actually thought that it was Tuesday and was bothered when someone corrected me.  I mean how do you lose an »

Temple maintenance

I need to treat my body like the temple that it is. I want to provide my children with a good healthy example. I am ready »

Time to Follow My Own Advice

The next few posts here on this site are the result of of some serious discussions that God had with me. I have been in the »