Staying the Course | Year of Doing

Everyday this February I will be creating!

So my bride and I are both sick. That makes for an interesting time with our expanded family. With a teen and a double digit kid who are pretty self sufficient we could manage but with a 6 month old it can be pretty challenging. We don't want to get him sick because baby, but we can't just hand him off to his sisters either.

Fun Times :-)

On top of all of that there is also my February Declaration to consitently create. Today I am sharing a couple of items.

Life in the Clouds Episode 15 - Heavily Medicated

We fought our way through this one trying to finish before NyQuil madness set in for me. I don't handle medicine well or I should say it impacts me quickly. ;-) Enjoy

Graduation Invitation

I was trying to let my graduation go by with as little fanfare as possible. My wife and mother had other ideas. They both wanted me to walk the stage so I set out creating invitation but decided not to finish them. Here is the finished project.

Baby's 1st Dissertation

In a similar vein here is a funny want to tease your wife. We were having a disagreement about whether we should wake up the baby to feed him. My arguement is that you never wake a sleeping baby. My well reasoned arguement was met with disapproval and so off I went to feed the baby. I thought that a more scholarly approach, from a different presenter was needed.

I think I win this round.

Get out there and do something amazing!

Go Go GO!