Getting Attention

LeVar Ball @Getty Images

Bored at work today so you get to enjoy interesting things I find online. To start, we had an interesting conversation at the table about my favorite barbershop genius, LeVar Ball of the Big Baller Brand.

I call him a barbershop genius because every black barber shop I have ever been in has one. The guy who knows everything and is better than everybody.

It has been estimated that he has received 13.2 million dollars in free advertising as a result of his very public tiff. 13.2 million dollars because he knows the value of attention. Especially if you can get that attention on you. I wonder what that will mean for his brand?

As a sidenote, his crazy expensive shoes began to ship today.

For my business owner friends, a couple of questions.

  1. How are you gaining attention to your brands?

  2. What are you doing to get that attention? How do you keep it?

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