Do Something Different

Artist Credit: Chris Batten
Photographer Credit: Ken Anderson

Sticking with the idea of being completely poured out from my last post. Let's look at what Paul told Timothy in Chapter 4.

For I am already being poured out as a drink offering, and the time of my departure has come. - 2 Timothy 4:6

Paul had lived and was changed for the glory of God in Jesus Christ. That meant doing different things. It meant getting outside of his comfort zone. It meant overcoming shortcomings and enhancing strengths.

I Can't Do That

Have you ever said that before? Are you saying it now? Let me encourage you to stop saying that. Better yet let me just tell you outright to stop saying that. There is very little that you cannot do. The reason that many of us say we cannot do something is because of pride. We have high opinions of ourselves and think we can do all things well. While you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you, that doesn't me that you will do all things excellently. Especially in the beginning.

I mentioned in my video Stink First that you will have to be content crawling first. When babies are learning to walk they fall, a lot. With each fall however they are learning to move better. If you want to do something different, to change the way that Paul had to changed, to be poured first you'll have to learn the proper order of things.

  1. Decide To Do Something
  2. Do it Poorly - (Crawl)
  3. Stumble
  4. Do it Ok - (Walk)
  5. Stumble Again
  6. Do it Well - (Run)
  7. Trip and play it off
  8. Teach Someone Else to Do it - (Mastery)

Course Corrections

It is possible to decide once you get to Step 4 that this thing isn't really for you. That is ok. Not everything needs to progress past that point. However it is important not to quit at the stumbling points. Never let mistakes or failures make you quit.

Praise Report

I have been tired most of this week and it has been a struggle to get things done. In the midst of this God decided to bless me through the kindness of a friend. This care package was delivered to my house today.

Have a Good Weekend!