Day 16 | 100 Day Challenge

I started writing this backin mid September but life happened so it didn't get posted. I thought I would share something that my bride and I are doing. #showYourWork and what not


Tomorrow is the 16 of September and while that sounds like an unremarkable date it is really quite significant. On that day there will be exactly 100 days until Christmas. I love Christmas as I suppose many of you do. It is one of the things that is a holdover from my childhood that is still acceptable for me to go crazy about.

My parents loved christmas and went all out in celebration. My Mom insisted that we decorate, stringing lights both inside and outside of the house. The tree, the ornaments, everything about our house changed during that season. My Dad would grumble about going out in the cold to hang the lights but he enjoyed making my my mom, brother and I happy. I loved putting up those lights with him.

As I grew in my faith Christmas took on a even greater significance. Not just a time for being with family and celebrating our connection with each other, it was a time for celebrating the connection with our God. His gift to us being the greatest gift any could receive. Church services, filled with old hymns often ignored during the rest of the year come back. The atmosphere filled with the realization that Emmanuel was with us. Glorious

A group that I am a part of, Breathe University, is organizing a challenge across the next 100 days. Set a goal for one of these 4 areas:

  • Faith - Strengthen your connection with God
  • Family - Strengthen your connection to those important to you
  • Finances - Strengthen your financial position
  • Fitness - Strengthen your physical self

Having just finished up with a 30 day trial back in August I wasn’t sure I was going to jump into another. However after watching the other members of the group jump in with awesome goals I can’t help myself. Deidre and I are participating in the 100 Day Challenge. We want to give each other the gift of goals met and finish 2017 well. I hope that you can join us.

So what are my goals for the next 100 Days?

  • Faith - Study the Scriptures Daily
  • Family - New Baby New Baby New Baby
  • Finances - Reduce my discreactionary spending by 50%
  • Fitness - Keep my calorie intake below 2200 calories per day for days 1-30, add cardio (bike) 3 days per week for days 30-60, add strength training 2 days per week through the end.