Sketches |Year of Doing

Everyday in February I will be posting something...

In an effort to keep this going here are 2 sketches that I created on my iPad using an Apple Pencil. It was fun working in Adobe Sketch. It has been a long time since I have actively drawn so having layers was super helpful.

Moon Girl thinks Barry is dumb This is side eye from Moon Girl. If you have not checked out Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur comic you should. It is fun. I think there are plans to being her story to TV. She is commenting on the fact that Barry Allen ended up in Time Jail at the end of the last season of The Flash. In my house, Barry Allen is the worst. Free Wally West!

Deidre and I as Chibi Anime Characters This image started out as 2 Chibi style manga characters that morphed into my wife and I walking hand in hand. I used it for the cover art of episode 15 of our podcast.

Have a great weekend!