I Am. Therefore It Is

Everyday in February I will be posting something

Man moving is messing up my plans.

I cannot say enough how much I appreciate Dr. Eric Thomas for sharing his passion with the world. If you are not familiar with Dr. Thomas or ET The Hip Hop Preacher you are missing out. I have been following him for years now and travelled up to NY back in 2015 to see him live. I even got a few moments to talk with him after the event.

If you want to hear more from him check out the links above. If you are looking for motiviation and accountability from ET and the squad consider joining Breath University. I have been a member for the last year and while I am not the most active member but the constant reminders to stay after my goals have kick started a lot of things.

Are you committed to yourself and your goals to get started? If you are then you can go get it done!

Go Go GO!