Getting Back On Track | Year of Doing

Every day in February I will be posting something!

So about the February declaration…

According to my log I am four days behind. I'd like to fill your screen with lots of excuses. I'm sure I could come up with a large list of reasons why I have not been posting but they would be just that, excuses.

So here's what I will do, the below image taken today is me. I should be doing something a little more substantive but here I am being unproductive and showing my ugly toe.

Me sitting on my deck with my toes out

I just finished power washing the roof of my gazebo as well as my front porch and walkway. I really miss the day is when I didn't have to go to an office. Working from home was a godsend. I wish I could find a contract that allowed for telework. While my hours were unconventional I got much more accomplished during that time.

Anyone want to hire a remote developer, data analyst, technologist?

Regardless make sure you do something amazing today.

Go Go GO!